Research Themes

College THEMES


Statement of purpose

Developmental and Mental Health

To manage development, and the nervous system, from birth to senescence

This focus area will advance understanding and management of:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Mental and behavioural disorders
  • Nervous system disorders

Lifestyle and Environment

To manage non-communicable diseases for long and healthy life

This focus area will advance:

  • Health promotion
  • Illness prevention
  • Management of non-communicable diseases
  • Understanding and management of risk factors at individual and community level
  • Environmental determinants of disease

Trauma, emergency and Rehabilitation

To optimise emergency care, trauma treatment, post-operative care, and rehabilitation

This focus area will advance:

  • On-scene treatment and transport
  • Forensic aspects of trauma management
  • Trauma management
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration into society
  • Public health aspects of trauma

Infectious diseases

To generate a greater understanding of HiV and Tb to optimise quality of life  for immune-compromised patients

This focus area will advance:

  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Understanding the molecular basis of diseases
  • Drug discovery and optimising drug treatment (adherence)
  • Forensic challenges for HIV and TB infected patients
  • Nursing care for HIV and TB patients
  • Surgery involving patients with HIV and TB
  • Public health aspects of HIV and TB patients

Applied Health Care (and Health Systems)

To inform policy and shape and strengthening systems

This focus area will advance:

  • Achieving the Millenium development goals and the DoH ten-point plan
  • Reengineering of primary health care
  • Implementation of NIH
  • Skills mix and task-shifting
  • Human Resources for health.
  • Clinical health provision for decentralised health care.
  • Traditional health care (AKS)

Health Sciences Education

To promote excellence in teaching and learning and implement best practice in health sciences education and training

This focus area will advance:

  • Academic development and support of students within the Health Sciences
  • Capacity development of staff in health sciences related pedagogy.
  • The use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Competency based curricula.
  • Cognitive based aspects of clinical reasoning
  • Community/rural based service learning for social justice
  • Medical terminology in a multilingual society

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