Fourth-year Psychiatric Nursing students at Montarena Secondary with lecturer, Mrs MA Jarvis; student counsellor, Mrs W Thaver; and teacher, Mr S Moodley.

Nursing Students Reach Out to Learners

Fourth-year Psychiatric Nursing students at UKZN held a mini-seminar for Grade 9 to 12 learners at Montarena Secondary School in Chatsworth to equip learners with knowledge to improve their sense of self-efficacy and navigational skills in career pathing.

The seminar was part of the students’ community mental health outreach programme and followed a survey they conducted on the learners’ needs.

Ms Fauziya Chirwa, Mr Clovis Dusabe, Ms Elzane Miran, Ms Gebisile Miya, Ms Yashveer Santoo, Ms Delicia Subbramony, Ms Zanele Ngcamu and Ms Nene Sinokubusiswa highlighted theimportance of goal setting. Grade 9 learners were provided with information about subject choices and the importance of choosing the right subjects for their intended careers, while those in higher grades received information on funding, choosing a Higher Education Institution and various career paths.

School teacher, Mr S Moodley, thanked UKZN, especially the Nursing Discipline, for its valuable contribution through their relationship established in 2014, with Mental Health Lecturer Mrs Ann Jarvis. ‘The nursing students that come to the school add value and we are grateful for their work,’ he said.

Speaking on behalf of fellow learners, Grade 9 peer mentor Andile Sishi thanked the students for their contribution and for making a difference in improving the school. ‘I am thrilled that I was selected by my classmates as their peer mentor; and I will work hard with nurses in their programmes to help my peers,’ Sishi said.

The event was attended by approximately 150 learners, Principal, Mr PG Govender, liaison teacher, Mr S Moodley, lecturer, Mrs MA Jarvis, College of Health Sciences Student Counsellor, Mrs W Thaver, and representatives from Richfield and Rosebank Colleges.