Top of the Medical class is Dr Mohammed Yusuf Hussain, graduating summa cum laude.

Medical Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude … and Lives his Dream

Dr Mohammed Yusuf Hussain has always admired MBChB candidates who graduated summa cum laude and now he is one of them!

Hussain says he remembers the name of every MBChB summa cum laude graduate at UKZN for the past six years as it has been his dream to hold the title. For his final year exam, Hussain also scooped the EB Adams award in Medicine for the highest marks and the YK Seedat award.

The 24-year-old Medical intern at RK Khan Hospital in Durban, hopes to study further and specialise in internal medicine. He also has designs on being a registrar at a large hospital.

‘The fact that I have been fortunate enough to achieve my lifelong dream and graduate summa cum laude brings a smile to my face. The feeling is exciting, thrilling and nerve wracking,’ he said.

‘I have always been and will always be a proud UKZN student. The Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine equips one in the best possible way although at the end of the day the responsibility lies mostly on the individual. I will forever be grateful to the Institution for allowing me the opportunity to keep trying and growing, to reach where I want to be. My family, friends and colleagues have always been pillars of strength and motivation for me.’

During his studies, Mohammed achieved nine Certificates of Merit, 11 Dean’s Commendations and seven subject distinctions.

‘I dedicate this achievement to my loving and supportive parents, Maqbool and Rubina Hussain – this one is for them,’ he added.

Words: Lihle Sosibo