WILL Committee

Women in Leadership and Leverage (WILL)


WILL it is a committee of female academics within the University of KwaZulu Natal’s College of Health Sciences who are dedicated and committed to supporting junior academics in realising their endeavours towards becoming successful academics and/ scientists.


Enhancing and supporting women faculty’s qualitative and quantitative contributions to academia and science.


  • Enhance teaching and research excellence in women to reach senior academic positions.
  • Increase the leadership capabilities of women in academia by enhancing their professional level skills and networks at national and international levels.
  • Focus on the holistic development and growth of women in academia by also focusing on their general personal skills to enhance their effectiveness both professionally and personally. 

Our People

Prof Thirumala Govender
Prof Irene Mackraj
Dr Pragashnie Govender
Dr Lihle Qulu
Dr Shenuka Singh