Dr Themba Ginindza


Dr Themba Ginindza


+27 (031) 260 4214




Howard College


Epidemiologist & Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

  • Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer prevention research: mainly HPV-related cancers, Lung cancer, Multiple Myelomas cancer, Paediatric cancers, HIV-related cancers.
  • Rationalization of HPV-related cancers screening in the Era of HIV and HPV/EBV infections.
  • Development of standardized, programmatic approach to cancer screening and the appropriate use of screening technologies.
  • Mapping & Modelling of Communicable and Non-communicable diseases with a focus on cancers related to HIV and HPV infections.
  • Economical cost associate with Cancer
  • Cancer Therapy Innovation/Precision Medicine


Dr Themba Ginindza is an experienced Epidemiologist who has conducted research across diverse disease spectrum, covering STIs (HPV, HIV/AIDS, CT, NG, TV, Syphilis), Sexually Reproductive Health (SRH) and Cancer Epidemiology. He also teaches and supervises epidemiological research at postgraduate level. Currently, he is the Lead PI in the Multinational Lung Cancer Control Programme (MLCCP) involving Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Eswatini, and more recently Lesotho and Ethiopia. He is Co-PI in the Cervical cancer Screening and Treatment algorithms study using HPV testing in Africa (CESTA) in South Africa. He has collaborated on many multidisciplinary projects in South Africa and beyond, including an ongoing HPV vaccine roll-out in Eswatini and Cervical Cancer Elimination research project. He led the Burden of HPV infection and HPV-related conditions among sexually active women in the Kingdom of ESwatini: its implications during the era of HIV epidemic research. He worked on a Clinical Trial on Cervical cancer Screening and Treatment algorithms study using HPV testing in Africa in KZN. Additionally, he developed the South African Rotavirus surveillance system; previously worked in planning, monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programmes, coordination of HIV/AIDS research projects in ESwatini and South Africa, managing and analysing hospital mining data for monitoring admissions and out-patients related to Influenza and pneumonia infections. Finally, he has an international working experience in countries like Malawi, Philippines, Kingdom of ESwatini and Finland.

Selected publications:

  • Ginindza TG, Dlamini X, Sartorius B, Östensson E.  Cost analysis of Human Papillomavirus-related cervical diseases and genital warts in Swaziland  PLOS One Journal (2017),  Published http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0177762
  • Ginindza TG, Stefan CD, Tsoka-Gwegweni JM, Dlamini X, Jolly PE; Weiderpass E, Broutet N; Sartorius B. Prevalence and risk factors associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among women of reproductive age in Swaziland. Infectious Agents and Cancer (2017) 12:29 DOI 10.1186/s13027-017-0140-y. http://infectagentscancer.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13027-017-0140-y
  • Ginindza TG, Dlamini X, Almonte M, Herrero R, Jolly P, Tsoka-Gwegweni JM, Weiderpass E, Broutet N, Sartorius B.  Prevalence of and Associated Risk Factors for High Risk Human Papillomavirus among Sexually Active Women, Swaziland. PLOS One Journal (2017), http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0170189
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