Tulio de Oliveira appointed as Affiliate Professor at the DGH

Professor Tulio de Oliveira has been appointed as Affiliate Professor at the Department of Global Health (DGH), University of Washington, Seattle, USA. The DGH works in more than 130 countries in the world and this includes over 400 projects in 23 African countries!

KRISP has added to their sequencing pipeline a new Genetic Analyzer AB3730, which is the largest and the most automated Sanger machine in the world. This equipment has 96-capillaries and it is able to produce over 1500 sequences a day! Acquiring this equipment puts KRISP in a position to provide high-throughput and affordable DNA sequencing services. The equipment was purchased with funding from NRF National Equipment Program (NEP).

Tulio de Oliveira and his team have also launched the Precision Approach to Control Health Epidemics which falls within the UKZN African Health Saving Lives Research Flagship. The project will focus on precision medicine for the right patient, a precision public health model and the translation of the knowledge generated from the projects. Details of the launch of this flagship project will feature in the next communique.