Dr Themba Ginindza

MLCCP received approximately R40 million grant

The College of Health Sciences’ lung cancer project, Multinational Lung Cancer Control Program (MLCCP) led by Dr Themba Ginindza received approximately R40 million grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF) for its phase two. The project seeks to launch a proof-of-concept incubation for the Cancer Centre of Excellence and Research (CACER)concept by adding a clinical component to the foundation built in the MLCCP Phase one, which is underway and due to conclude in September 2019.  This is a multinational project across four African countries (Kenya, Kingdom of ESwatini, Tanzania & South Africa) and aims to improve access to early diagnostic services for lung cancer by addressing the barriers of cancer care. The team will be working with communities and the Ministries of Health in the above- mentioned countries.