CHS Celebrates Improved Pass Rate of Registrars

UKZN’s College of Health Sciences hosted the second registrar awards evening at Umhlanga to honour specialists who successfully completed their final clinical examinations with the Colleges of Medicine of SA (CMSA), sub-specialists and those who graduated with Masters in Medicine (MMED) degrees.

‘As the College of Health Sciences we are proud to announce that the pass rate in specialist examinations grew from 43% in 2018 to 66% and 57% in the first and second semesters of 2019, respectively with a 70% pass rate in the second semester sub-specialty examinations alone. The College of Health Sciences also graduated 96 specialists with Masters in Medicine degrees (MMED) in 2019.’ This is an achievement to be celebrated,’ announced Leader of the Registrar Training Programme, Dr Suvira Ramlall.

Ramlall says several possible factors may have contributed to the improvement in the pass rate: over the last 18 months, both the DOH and UKZN have committed to a formal policy of performance management and support of registrars. This has been done at individual discipline level as well as by facilitating College-wide access to academic, clinical and psychological support for registrars and the specialists involved in their training.

The 2019 Registrar Awards also celebrated special awards ie Good Fellow Award; Best Registrar Research Award and the Best Clinician Teacher Award.

‘Registrars are required to work full-time and overtime while pursuing their postgraduate studies. We are here to salute them for their priceless contribution to health care service delivery in our province. Rarely is the success of these pillars of our specialist health services acknowledged or celebrated,’ said Deputy Vice-Chancellor in the College, Professor Busi Ncama.

Dean and Head of the School of Clinical Medicine at UKZN, Professor Ncoza Dlova called on the newly-qualified consultants to bring about a paradigm shift in the clinical training sector. ‘Remember that registrars will be looking up to you now – be exemplary. When you take up those top leadership positions, remember leadership is not about ego, but responsibility and selfless leaders who are ready to serve the people.’

Guest of honour, Professor Mike Sethekge, an internationally acclaimed researcher and Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Pretoria highlighted strides in cancer treatment in South Africa.

MMED Research Awards were awarded in all four Schools, Clinical Medicine, Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences, Nursing and Public Health and Health Sciences.

The Good Fellow Award winner was nominated by peers. It recognises registrars who distinguished themselves by virtue of their character or by going beyond the call of duty. The Registrar Awards recognised the best registrar and the best clinician teacher in the College of Health Sciences.

‘It is so encouraging to see so much positivity in the healthcare sector – indeed our healthcare system is in good hands and we are proud to partner with UKZN’s College of Health Sciences. Investec is committed to grow investment in the medical sector,’ said Mrs Julia Taylor from Investec that co-hosts the awards.

Words: Lihle Sosibo

Photographs: Supplied by investec