Those with financial clearance must register on-line. All other students, with academic holds, must present themselves in person at the registration venue on the specified dates. This includes those students who do not yet have financial clearance. New students must have paid their R250 acceptance fee and a further R3500 to make up initial deposit of R3750. Students without financial clearance must complete their academic registration but their registration will not be finalized until such time as they are cleared financially. The final day for academic registration is the 14th February 2020.


[Refer to the Student Fees Booklet for further details]

Students who have paid the required initial deposit of R3750 will have financial clearance, provided this has been done sufficiently in advance of the day of registration.

Students who are funded by Financial Aid, scholarships, bursaries or other funders and have met the requirements outlined below, will have financial clearance.

For self-funded students, financial clearance is give automatically and does not need to be applied for, provided the required amount has been paid, cleared by the bank and credited to the student’s account. This is not an instantaneous process and various clearance periods apply as described in the next section. To avoid delays, please

ensure that payments are made sufficiently in advance of registration. The final day for financial clearance is the 14th February 2020.


The Registration fees for the year 2020 is R3750 (subject to changes). All students are required to obtain financial clearance in order to register. Financial clearance can be obtained in more than one manner. Students without financial clearance must complete the academic registration. Their registration will not be complete until such time as they are cleared financially.

If you are a South African, self-funding student, an initial tuition deposit of R3750 (subject to changes) must be paid prior to registration, along with all outstanding fees. Residence students are also required to pay an initial residence deposit of R3250 (subject to changes) prior to admission into residences. Payment can be made via a deposit into the University’s Bank Account. If you are a recipient of a financial aid loan, a bursary, scholarship, bank loan or

company sponsorship, the necessary documentation will have to be processed by the relevant section within the University prior to registration clearance being obtained


Automatic clearance will apply to  students  who  have  been  awarded a Financial Aid package. Refugee students  are required to collect and return completed loan documents to the Student Funding Centre before registration clearance will be processed.


An award equal to or greater than the minimum required deposits will allow automatic clearance.


A letter from the sponsor, confirming the funding, addressed and payable to the University of KwaZulu-Natal, must reach the Student Funding Centre well in advance of orientation.


Original bank letters, confirming the amounts of the loan, payable directly to the University of KwaZulu-Natal must be presented to the Student Fees Office. Where banks make payment directly to the student, the full registration deposit is required.


The following payment options are available:

NB: We Are no longer accepting cash deposits for student fees during registration that is over R500 per student number.


Direct deposit payable into University of KwaZulu-Natal Bank Account. Fee clearance will be automatically effected on the day the bank transfers the deposit to the University Bank Account (normally 3 full working days after the deposit date).

Internet deposit payable into University of KwaZulu-Natal Bank Account. Fee clearance will be automatically effected on the day the bank transfers the deposit to the University Bank Account (normally 5 full working days after the deposit date).

Credit Card payments can be made ONLINE via the Click-to-Pay links on

Direct Deposits are systematically updated on the student’s account within a period of 3 to 4 working days. Deposit

slips will not be accepted as proof of payment.


All international students must ensure that they produce valid passports, study permits and health insurance to the International Student Office before proceeding with academic registration. A certificate of clearance will then be issued to them to proceed with registration.

All international students must have in their possession: passports, study permits and medical insurance before registration.


The residences will be open from January for all first year students undertaking pre-University activities and they will be allocated to their respective residence rooms. All self-funded students that have been accepted into residence for 2020 will be required to pay a deposit of R3250. If you have any queries about your residence selection, fees and/or procedures to be followed, please contact the Student Housing Office:

Tel: 031 2608070 / 8150 / 7901 / 4775          Fax: 031 2608084

E-mail: / /


On completing your academic registration you are required to present your ID document to Risk Management

Services before a Student ID Card can be issued.


Vehicles may be parked on campus once the parking fees are paid.

Students may log on to and select Online-Forms (Student Parking Discs) to complete their parking applications.

Students may only apply after acquiring a student card and having it validated for the year.

Payment for parking will automatically be debited from the student account. A student parking disc is valid for a period of one academic year. Persons bringing vehicles onto campus are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the current traffic rules, which may be viewed on the RMS website. Any serious or persistent failure to observe the traffic rules could result in the withdrawal of parking privileges and / or disciplinary action.


 To be eligible to use the on-line registration system, make sure you have complied with the following pre- registration requirements:


Have you obtained confirmation of admission, on the University database, into the desired degree programme for the first semester of 2020?

What does it entail to be admitted to a degree programme on the University database? The university would have made you an offer for one or more degree programmes.

These offers would have included a Consent and Indemnity Form, an Acceptance Form, a Student Number and instructions on how to accept the offer being made by the concerned.

You would have already completed all of the above forms, paid the minimum R250 non-refundable deposit to the university, and returned all the forms together with the proof of payment to the relevant School Admissions Office. Please ensure that a certified copy of your ID and result sheet is attached to these documents. Failure to produce these documents will result in your admission status being pended.

The School, upon receipt of these forms and proof of payment, would have fully admitted you into the degree, and updated the main university database with the appropriate status code (This means you may be entitled to register for more than one programme. You must decide which one you will register for as you cannot register for more than one at a time).

Have you got one or more “SYSTEM HOLD” on your student account?

A system hold is a status automatically placed on your student account when you are not in compliance with any of the registration requirements, financial requirements or university rules and policies. These System Holds have various meanings and associations. If you have not paid the minimum fee amount, or as a bursary or scholarship recipient, not obtained bursary or scholarship clearance, this will cause a REGISTRATION HOLD to be placed on your student account.

If, as a financial aid recipient, you have not returned all your financial aid documentation, this will cause FINANCIAL AID HOLD to be placed on your student account.

If you are an International Student and you have not obtained clearance for the International Student Office, this will

cause a REGISTRATION HOLD to be placed on your student account.

The self-help (on-line) system will provide you with guidance and advice on the HOLDS on your student account.

Please call personally, with the required items, at the relevant section within the University to remove/clear these holds.