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Contact Details

Contact Details of Staff in the College of Health Sciences

Please Note: If you are calling from an external line, make sure you include the prefix 031260 before dialling the extension, unless stated otherwise.

College Management
DVC & Head of CollegeProfessor BP
Director: Professional ServicesProfessor SJ
Dean: College Teaching & LearningProfessor SE
Dean: College ResearchDr ML Gordon (Acting)
Manager: Decentralised ClinicalMrs S
Manager: College Academic ServicesMrs R
Manager: College FinanceMrs I
Manager: Human ResourcesMr SA
Manager: Public RelationsMs MM
Manager: College Student SupportDr S
School of Clinical Medicine
Dean & Head of SchoolProfessor NC
Manager: School OperationsMrs AS
Principal Programme OfficerMs NP
Academic Leader: ResearchProfessor JM van Wyk (Acting)
Academic Leader: Teaching & LearningDr SS
Academic Leader: Registrar ProgrammeDr S
Manager: School OperationsMrs AS
Head of Internal MedicineProfessor NP
Head of Dermatology (Acting)Professor A
Head of Obstetrics & GynaecologyProfessor HM
Head of Paediatrics & Child HealthProfessor R
Head of RadiologyProfessor DP
Head of Neurosurgery & Paediatric SurgeryDr BC
Head of PsychiatryProfessor B
Head of Gastroenterology (Acting)Professor KA
Head of NephrologyProfessor AG Assoungax4219/
Head of EndocrinologyProf AA
Head of GeriatricsProfessor B
Head of Neurology (Acting)Professor AI Bhigjee30-Jun-19031-2402359/
Head of Paediatric SurgeryDr MH Sheik
Head of AnaestheticsDr PD
Head of Cardiology (Acting)Professor DP
Head of General SurgeryProfessor B Singhx4219/
Head of Infectious DiseasesProfessor MYS
Head of OtorhinolaryngologyDr LA Sibiya (wef 01 September 2019)
Head of Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryProfessor A. Madaree031-240 1168/
Head of Rheumatology (Acting)Professor GM
Head of OphthalmologyDr L.
Head of Orthopaedic SurgeryProfessor LC
Head of Cardiothoracic SurgeryDr R
Head of Nuclear Medicine (Acting)Dr NE
Head of Radiotherapy and OncologyVacant
Head of UrologyDr H
School of Health Sciences
Dean & Head of SchoolProfessor MES
Manager: School OperationsMr V
Principal Programme OfficerMs X
Academic Leader: ResearchProfessor P
Academic Leader: Teaching & LearningProfessor V
Discipline Academic Leader: Biokinetics Exercise and Leisure ScienceDr R
Discipline Academic Leader: PhysiotherapyDr SE
Discipline Academic Leader: DentistryDr TA
Discipline Academic Leader: Pharmaceutical SciencesDr M
Discipline Academic Leader: Speech Audiology and PathologyMrs VZ
Discipline Academic Leader : AudiologyMrs S
Discipline Academic Leader : OptometryDr DB van
Discipline Academic Leader :Occupational TherapyDr D
School of Laboratory Medicine & Medical Sciences
Dean & Head of SchoolProfessor MV
Manager: School OperationsMrs MR
Principal Programme OfficerMs N
Academic Leader: ResearchDr B De
Academic Leader: Teaching & LearningDr P
Discipline Academic Leader: Molecular and Cellular DiseaseDr BB
Discipline Academic Leader: Human Anatomy (Acting)Dr A
Academic Leader: Infectious DiseasesProfessor M
Head of Forensic MedicineDr S
Head of Haematology (Acting)Dr N
Head of Medical Microbiology (Acting)Dr K SweSwe
Head of Virology (Acting)Dr P Moodley30/11/
Head of Chemical Pathology (Acting)Dr V
Anatomical PathologyVacant
Infection Prevention ControlVacant
School of Nursing & Public Health
Dean & Head of SchoolProfessor M
Manager: School OperationsMr BG
Principal Programme OfficerMs B
Academic Leader: ResearchDr T
Academic Leader: Teaching & LearningProfessor M
Discipline Academic Leader: Nursing (Acting)Dr SW
Head of Family MedicineDr BM
Head of Public HealthDr S
Head of Occupational HealthProfessor R
Head of Behavioural MedicineProfessor BJ

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