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The College of Health Sciences is a multi-professional institution spread across four of the five campuses of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Its excellent scholars function holistically, ethically and in a socially responsive manner within the African health care environment while actively engaging international collaboration and partnerships for education, research and service.

Recognised as a Centre of Excellence in health professional education, research and community programmes, the College provides a unified and holistic approach to teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels across three campuses.

Located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the College's four schools; namely Clinical Medicine, Health Sciences, Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences as well as Nursing and Public Health, serve 25 percent of South Africa's population resident in KwaZulu-Natal.

The College boasts among its staff some of the most eminent and respected names in medical and health sciences and academia. Publications in peer reviewed journals are impressive and continue to grow, so too is the authorship of scientific and health sciences books.

Support the Tumelo Seliane Education Fund as initiated by the MBChB Class of 2015. 





Vacancy - Dean and Head of School - SCM

Vacancy: Senior Lecturer Lecturer - Clinical Skills

Vacancy: Senior Lecturer Lecturer - Clinical Skills

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The DST-NRF - Collaborative Postgraduate Training Call for 2016
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Postgraduate Scholarships for Indigenous Health Care Systems (Traditional Medicine) Research

Postgraduate Scholarship for 2016 - Archbishop Denis E. Hurley Educational Fund

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UKZN Notice for all Current and Prospective First Year Students

Call for Chapters - South African Health Review 2015/16

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Research: Africa fights for inequality

UKZN Unrest Procedures - 2016

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Latest News
Kenyan PhD Student Presents at CHS Symposium
The study titled: “Distribution and Variability of Malaria and RVF Vector Species in Baringo County, Kenya”, investigated the altitudinal distribution and variability of RVF and malaria mosquito vectors in Baringo County.
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Invades Epithelial Cells - Study Finds
Titled: “Whole Transcriptome Analysis to Elucidate the Role of M. tuberculosis Curli Pili (MTP) on Host Gene Regulation in a Pulmonary Epithelial Cell Model”, the study aimed to understand mechanisms, especially bacterial structures, used by M.tuberculosis to interact with human host cells, which as a result leads to the cause of Tuberculosis (TB).
Developmental Lecturer Scoops Top Prizes at CHS Symposium
Ginindza won first prize for both his Oral and Poster presentations based on his PhD project titled: “The Burden of HPV Infection and HPV-Related Conditions Among Sexually Active Women in the Kingdom of Swaziland: Its Implications During The Era of the HIV Epidemic”.
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